Anyone out there want to help bring back fluxmod? 
Let me know at: zv [atsign] ziva-vatra. com

17 March 2012

We've moved to a new server, the svn repository is not available at the moment the svn repository has been recreated, you will have to check it out again, sorry! Anonymous checkouts are enabled, but you can't commit without a login. Hopefully will bring out a working site soon...

7th December 2010

Well, the fluxbox themes svn repository is up! This consists of all the themes I have found over time. Some original fluxmodthemes are there, as well as others from all over the place. If you know of any themes that are not here feel free to email me!

Once you check out the repository, every time you issue 'svn update' you will automatically get all the new themes.

To get the themes, the svn url is so, to check it out, go to your styles directory, and type in 'svn co '.

Hopefully I will find some time soon to make a proper page, but at least things are moving forward :)